How to Turn Zephyr Functions to Activator

Home button is a button that is very important on any iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Its role is so great, therefore, the user can panic if at any time the button is damaged or does not work anymore. For additional information, Assistive Touch is a feature found in iOS 5, this feature is expected to feature replaces the previously Multitask Gestures can be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Assistive Touch is very useful, but I do not like the extra white icons located on the screen. Although this white icon can be located anywhere at will.

This time I will provide tweak that has a function that is not inferior to Multitask Gestures and Assistive Touch. This tweak was made by a developer named Cydia, Grant Paul (@chpwn), this tweak called Zephyr was welcomed by the users of iPhone and iPod touch. Zephyr has a function that can replace good Assistive Multitask Gestures and Touch. The first feature is the Swipe from the Left and Right, which is useful for switching between one to another application. The number of fingers used can also be set from one finger, up four fingers. Then the next feature is Swipe from Bottom, which is useful when we are opening an application and want to go back to the home screen.

Changing Zephyr to ActivatorZephyr gives sensitivity level settings to execute each of these features. You can also set the Zephyr does not run when you’re using the keyboard. Zephyr can also be set so as not to run on an application. Additional features found in version 1.3.4-1 Zephyr is the effect when opening the Notification Center, where the Notification Center will appear to be behind the home screen.

How to use Activator to replace Zephyr?

Facebook run by pressing the volume button twice? Twitter Opens by shaking your iDevice? All can be done with a unique tweak called Activator. Activator is a tweak that can set a shortcut to an application by the gesture button (pressing one of the buttons in several ways) or gestures (hand movements). Applications made by Ryan Petrich has been present long enough in Cydia and is one of the best tweaks so far.

Then what about Activator? Is it better than Zephyr? Activator provides four options to enable features that we have set previously. The first is anywhere, which means you can turn the entire feature anywhere, then the second is the At Home Screen, and In the Application, and the last At Lock Screen.

Once you choose the activator, then you will be given a choice of how to enable it. There are many options here, such as through the Home button, Sleep button, volume button, the Status Bar. If you want to activate a feature on the iDevice being locked position, there are also several ways, including by double tapping on the area that displays hours, with shaking the iDevice, even by connecting your iDevice to a power source.

Now Activator comes with some pretty good changes, among others, Activator is already compatible for you who are already using iOS 7. Additional features that are interesting enough is Headset Connected / Disconnected Events. Other features you can also adjust according to your taste. For example, you want to lock your iDevice, by shaking them. It can be set at the Shake your device and select Device Lock. At the bottom of the Activator Blacklist there that will make the Activator is not active at the time of opening an application, and a list of the application itself you can select. Then there is also the Reset Settings Activator which will restore to the original settings. Check out the tutorial video below.

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