How to Use Google Account to Log into Youtube on Your iPhone

Do you like opening and accessing videos on Youtube? Do you encounter problems when you want to log into the site and yet your iPhone doesn’t seem to have the access to open your account? Well, basically, it is a common problem for iPhone users because the Google linked account doesn’t come with app specific password that is set up and aimed for use for Youtube app on iPhone.

Have you ever experienced the same thing that you are trying to log into your account by typing the right password and username – you are even very careful to do in order to avoid mistakes – over and over and over again, and yet your iPhone seems to ask you to login from Safari. And even after you have tried this suggestion, Youtube doesn’t want to grant you access and refuse to open up. You are told repeatedly that somehow your password and username is wrong – and you know that you aren’t doing anything wrong in typing them.

It is not your fault; trust me. But don’t give up hope as you can always tweak you ways into accessing the site. You need to activate verification process on your Google Account first, though, and you are guaranteed to be able to access Youtube again. After activating the verification process, you can create the particular app specific password for your iPhone.

Here are the steps for you to do the activation process:

1. Sign in to your Google Account, then go to Account’s setting.
2. Choose Security tab and then click Setup for 2-step verification.


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3. Afterwards, you need to follow the provided steps, including entering your phone number for the verification. Once you have done it. Google will send a voice mail or text message to your phone along with the verification code.
Enter the code into the provided box. When asked, confirm you have the verification.

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Now you should have the option to create app specific password. Create it and then choose the option Generate password.

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You should be able to see application specific password page. Don’t close off until you have done the following step.

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4. On your iPhone, make Youtube app run. Go to bottom menu and choose More, and then Sign in. Fill up your email address for the Google Account; not the username for Youtube. At the same time in your computer, you also need to enter the app specific password within the yellowish box.

5. You should be able to log into Youtube on your iPhone. In case you need to generate any new App-specific password again, you can do it on your computer by clicking Settings on 2-step verification. Choose App-specific passwords tab and hit the button Manage application-specific passwords.How to Use Google Accounts to Log into Youtube on iPhone (5)

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