How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaning in Repairing a Cell Phone

All electronic devices have the so-called circuit board, connecting one part to others to make sure that they are functioning well. Over time, dust or dirt can accumulate in the PCB, making it vulnerable to damages. Regular cleaning is necessary if you want your devices to run and operate normally.

If you find small and mild issue on the PCB, simply cleaning it with a brush or IPA – Iso Propyl Alcohol – will be enough. If the problem is quite serious, then you have to do the ultrasonic cleaning, which will remove all the responsible causes that make your gadgets are not functioning properly. This kind of cleaning can be done with a machine or with manual work. This type of cleaning is applicable to all circuit boards on any gadgets like laptops, mobile phone, computers, tablets, etc.

As the name suggest, ultrasonic cleaning involves ultrasound waves set between 20 KHz and 400 KHz, along with special solvent or soap solution. If you are using a machine, the solution will be poured into the machine and the PCB will be dipped into it for around 3 to 6 minutes. The machine and this kind of cleaning can also be used to clean watch parts, jewelry, optical parts, surgical instruments, or coins.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine in Repairing a Cell PhoneTo clean a cell phone, all you have to do is:

  • Pour the special solution or mild soap into the machine. The amount should be enough to dip in the PCB entirely.
  • Before dipping the PCB, make sure to remove all the delicate parts like flex, camera, or LCD. You only need to dip in the PCB.
  • Turn the machine on and let it run for around 6 minutes. It should be running between 3 and 6 minutes, depending on the condition.
  • You’re done! Simply clean the board with circuit cleaner and make sure to let it dry completely. You can use a blower, a drier, or put in under direct sun-ray to dry it.

In case you don’t have the machine, that’s no problem. The board should be dipped into the solution, but let it soak for around 1 or 2 hours. Afterward, do the same procedure of keeping it clean and dry.

Make sure that not even a droplet of water is left on the PCB as it will cause a short circuit issue. Really make sure that it is totally dry before connecting it to the power supply or battery, as water hidden under the components or chips won’t be easily seen.

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