How to Share Your Internet Connection Using Ethernet Cable

Today’s public places are offering modern facilities, including the WiFi connection. However, there are some places that still offer wired Ethernet connection such as hotels. Ah, darn! You won’t be able to connect your devices to the internet then. But don’t worry, you can turn that wired connection into a WiFi connection or you can also try to plug in the Ethernet cable and get connected to the network. As long as you have physical access, you are good to go.

Using the Laptop as the Connector

Not everyone travels carrying their WiFi router, but most people today are traveling with their laptop. Yes, believe it or not, you can set up such wireless connection with the laptop; turning it into WiFi hotspots that can be connected to other devices.

The whole setup is also easy; simply connect the Ethernet cable to the laptop while connecting the other end t the provided Ethernet port. If you know that your laptop has a special Ethernet port, you can always carry Ethernet cable whenever you go – just to be prepared.How to Share Wired Ethernet Network with Other Devices

The only problem with this method is that not so many modern laptops nowadays have Ethernet ports. You can check devices like MacBook or Windows ultrabooks, if you want to get more convincing. But don’t worry; you can always buy an Ethernet adapter that allows you to be connected to the Ethernet cable. Such thing like USB Ethernet adapter – or similar items – allows such Ethernet cable, so they can be connected to the USB port.

Using WiFi Router

The simplest solution to connect to the wired Ethernet connection is by using WiFi router. Don’t throw away your old one, if you still have it. Whether you have the old school or the modern router, they can be handy – although the old one needs more tweak and can be quite sluggish. But if it is only for temporary usage, you will be just fine.

WiFi Router asus

Simply connect the power cable to the WiFi router, and then connect the Internet port or WAN to the available Ethernet jack. The router will then provide WiFi network for all of your devices. If you want to set the router first, the SSID and passphrase will remain the same when you connect it to different spot, in different location.

Creating a WiFi Hotspot

With WiFi hotspot in the laptop, it will act as the local wireless connection host and then share it with other devices. There are some methods for different devices. For the Windows 7, for instance, you can use graphical tools if you want to create new wireless network. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will need Command Prompt because you won’t be able to see the hidden option. When you see the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer Internet connection”, enable it. If not, your wireless hotspot will be useless because it can’t share the connection.With WiFi hotspot in the laptop, it will act as the local wireless connection host and then share it with other devices.

If you are using Mac, you need to choose the Menu, go to System Preferences, and click on Sharing. Choose the option for Internet Sharing, and set it to share from Ethernet. Simply Enable the WiFi sharing option, click on WiFi option, and provide passphrase and network name. Don’t forget to activate the option ‘Internet Sharing’.

How to Share Your Internet Connection with Other Devices

If you are using Linux based devices, you can use the NetworkManager so you can set up the wireless hotspot and share the wired connection.

Keep in mind, though, that these methods create the so called ad-hoc wireless connection, so it should be logical and normal if some devices can’t be connected to it. You don’t need to be confused; simply plug the wireless router to the Ethernet port and then host the WiFi connection. Once you set the router, you can use it again in a new Ethernet port without having to re-configure everything again.

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