Vimeo Review: Video Sharing Site You Should Try

You may think that Youtube is the best video network that provides clips and videos, but you may be surprised to find out that there are lots of other websites that cater to such needs. Not only they are reliable network, they also provide high quality videos so you won’t find such junk videos. Youtube may be the most popular video network in the world, but when it comes it high quality version, there are other sites that are more reliable than Youtube. One of them is Vimeo.

Review: Everything about Vimeo

vimeo video sharing siteVimeo is a video sharing site that provides only high quality videos – junk videos are definitely not included. Whereas the search results in Youtube are more general, Vimeo is able to deliver more specific ones. If you type in a certain keyword, Vimeo will only provide the best ones without including the junk videos. It seems that Vimeo’s popularity is growing over the last few months because the site only had two pages at the time of launching, but now it has around 39 pages. Quite impressive improvement.

There are many reasons why the site is growing in popularity. The first one is the fact that they always do serious quality checking on the videos as well as the accounts who post the videos.

The second reason is because they don’t accept commercial videos. Those who want to use the site as video hosting for their business will be disappointed as Vimeo only wants to post contents that can contribute something to the community – commercial videos are certainly not included in that category. If you think that you can trick the system by using the loopholes to post your business videos, you’d better think again. If your account is considered violating the regulation, it will be closed. For good.

The Good Stuffs

If you are interested in becoming a member, you need to spend $9.95 per month for Vimeo Plus. Such amount is nothing when compared to the many advantages that you can get. Some of your videos may have to be compressed – especially if you come with extra large videos. But don’t worry about the quality; the paid membership has better compressed quality than the free one. After all, the site is able to deal with different formats. With Vimeo Plus, you’ll get 5 Gb per week for storage space, advanced statistic, upload unlimited HD videos with faster video conversion, and many more features.

Another cool thing about Vimeo is the fact that you can work together with other members to create a special project. Not only you will be able to interact with others, you can create something creative and positive. The interface system is also easy and simple. You can create groups, join groups, install widgets, and so many more. So, what are you waiting for? Try Vimeo now!

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