What to Expect from Windows 10: Things You Should Know

If you are into computers and IT so much, you are one among thousands of users around the world waiting for the launch of Windows 10, which will take place around the 29th of July 2015. Microsoft has claimed that the users of Windows 7 and 8 will be able to enjoy the free upgrade, as well as some of the new features and perks. So, what’s so great about the new system, anyway?

Is It Free?

Basically, Microsoft wants to provide a uniformed platform for their Windows versions, so there will be a standardized platform with universal apps. They are also trying to make up previous mistakes with Windows 8 (which was quite lousy and disappointing) with this new one.

For Windows 7 and 8 users, the upgrade will be available for free. If you manage to upgrade your system to Windows 10 in the first year, there won’t be any extra charges. You will get a full copy that is guaranteed to work just well. There have been some rumors about some payment you have to make online, etc, but those rumors aren’t true.

In case you have older operating system – with Windows Vista or even older versions – forget about getting a free upgrade. It is even best if you can consider buying a new computer with a newer system, instead of relying to your old machine. Sure you can always use the non-genuine copy of the new Windows in order to upgrade to Windows 10, but you will be depending on that non-genuine copy for the rest of your life – unless you buy a new computer.

If you decide to build your own machine or buy a copy of the OS, be prepared to spend $110 for the ‘basic’ Windows 10 Home. If you want to have Windows 10 Pro, it will cost you even more; around $199. In case you are using your old computer and you don’t make use of the offer for the free upgrade on the first year, you will have to buy the copy and hope for Microsoft to extend their offer – which they rarely do.What to Expect from Windows 10: Things You Should Know1

Upgrading? How?

Upgrading is basically easy. You can use Windows Update when the new system is already available. You should be able to see ‘Get Windows 10’ notification so you can reserve your copy for the new system; the notification will be available on the system tray on Windows 7 and 8. The pop-up, which is added to your existing system, is legit, legal, and real.

Reserve the copy and your computer will download the new system automatically. Try to download little pieces and bits whenever they are available; you don’t have to wait for the release date. It will save you time and energy, because when you have to download everything in the complete package, the size will be huge and massive. The option is yours; whether to reserve it in smaller pieces from now on or to download it all together in huge size later. Keep in mind, though, that you should always backup your system. The upgrade doesn’t require you to delete any personal files or folders, but it never hurts to be prepared. In case your computer has programs or hardware issues that aren’t suitable with Windows 10, you will be notified by the new program.

What to Expect

Again, the Windows 10 is basically improvement from the Windows 8, with real development and solid security features. The interface is useful, with the removal of charms bar and the existence of Start menu in the pop-up mode. Metro or modern interface is available on tablet mode only.

Microsoft claims that the interface will make more sense, and there will be more useful features, such as Command Prompt enhancement and virtual “Task View” desktop. There will be new “Edge” browser as the default, so anyone using the default browser will appreciate the more responsive and better experience while surfing the net. Feel free if you want to use the Internet Explorer, but Edge is way better. In short, Windows 10 is full with useful features and improvement, and you can disable them if you don’t want to use them.

Be prepared to enjoy Microsoft Store too. After all, this is the main reason why Windows 10 is available for free. Developers can make use of this store so Windows users can be on the safe software platform altogether.What to Expect from Windows 10- Things You Should Know

Microsoft’s Plans

Microsoft plans to have the last version for Window’s operating system, so they make the Windows 10 different from the others. They are planning on releasing updates for this version, so new features and improvements can still be added. They believe that providing regular improvements will be more beneficial for users.

Hopefully, the new system will be as perfect as Microsoft claims, considering that there are still bugs and issues with the operating system. If Microsoft manages to handle and polish everything before the launch, you can be sure that Windows 10 will be worth it.

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